New to the strip for Zante for 2018 is Panda Shakes ! It’s officially going to be the first and only Milkshake & Smoothie Bar on the island and we can’t blood wait to try it!

You will find this new hotspot just off the strip in the heart of the Laganas resort.

Double Decker Milkshake
Double Decker Milkshake

Quite frankly this isn’t going to be just any old milkshake bar…

What really makes Panda Shakes stand out from other shops, bars and fast food outlets in Zante is its unique flavours, imported ingredients and irresistible menu!

If you’re craving a healthy and refreshing beverage then grab yourself a Fresh Fruit Smoothie from the huge selection on offer. Alternatively you will be able to create your own flavour to really ensure you satisfy your taste buds.  


But for the Milkshake Junkies this place is heaven!

With hundreds of unique Milkshake Creations from Mint Aero Deluxe to Oreo & Cream they will have it all! Not to mention a few classics and all time favourites like Peanut Butter & Banana!

The possibilities are endless as you can pretty much create your own perfect beverage over the counter if you’re feeling adventurous!

One things for sure…you’ve got to try the Ultimate Pick n Shake!! 

Pick 'n' Shake
Pick ‘n’ Shake

Now this is the best bit… Panda Shakes will be offering a wide range of Alcoholic Milkshakes, Smoothies & Floats!

Does it get much better than a Mojito Milkshake or Sex on the Beach Smoothie!? We don’t think so…

Rumour has it Panda Shakes wont just be offering Milkshakes & Smoothies…there will also be a huge variety of UK Pick N Mix, Confectionary & Frozen Yogurt.

Perfect for when you need a sugar rush to help you with your hangover!

Frozen Yogurt
Frozen Yogurt


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