Champagne Spray is the Biggest & Messiest Pool Party you will ever go to. Breaking attendance records week in week out so far this Summer the event has established itself as the islands ultimate day session.

Champagne Spray - 241 Drinks
Champagne Spray – 241 Drinks

What makes it even more desirable is the fact that it’s an A-List event with Z-List prices. Throughout the entire event cocktails, local

spirits/mixers, lager and cider are all 2-4-1 at the bar!

Not to mention the FREE full size bottle of Champagne each attendee receives to spray all over their mates!

Champagne Spray - Pool Party
Champagne Spray – Pool Party

With a host of the resorts finest DJ’s, Fire Shows, Exotic Dancers, the Epic Spray & Free Champagne for everyone, there really is nothing to stop you heading to Pure on a Thursday afternoon.

The streets will be full of shorts and bikinis making their way to Zante’s biggest Pool Party.

Champagne Spray - Hostess Service
Champagne Spray – Hostess Service

With a standard ticket price of only €20.00, it’s one of the cheapest events on the island and undeniably good value for money.

If you fancy yourself as a VIP then there are plenty of upgrade options available. You can prebook one of our VIP Cabanas or Circle Beds for the day and will be doted on hand and foot by our Pure Hostesses.

Included in the VIP Upgrade is a bottle of Smirnoff (or equivalent) with assorted mixers for your group to indulge in.

Not to mention your own private area to sit back and enjoy the 2-4-1 cocktails at your leisure.

Champagne Spray - Vibes
Champagne Spray – Vibes

Another bonus… When the pool party comes to an end you’ll have plenty of time to nip back, grab a quick bite to eat, and slip into something more comfortable, ready for the Exclusive After Party…

We carry on until the early morn as everyone hits up Rescue Club for their Zante Live Xtra Residency with none other than Joel Corry.

Zane Mega Deal Events
Zane Mega Deal Events

Champagne Spray & Zante Xtra Live are just TWO of the TEN Events included in the Zante Mega Deal.

You can book your tickets for your whole weeks worth of events now with just a €35.00 deposit. Check it out here.


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