You’ve got to try a Turtle Spotting Trip in Zante this Summer! 🐢

Turtle Island
Turtle Island

You’ve got to try a Turtle Spotting Cruise to Marathonisi whilst you’re in Zante! It’s the perfect way to appreciate this beautiful island and its famous habitants.

Imagine amazing views of cliffs, beaches and high mountains as you cruise along the islands southern shores on the look out for a turtle.

Keri Caves - Zante
Keri Caves – Zante

It’s a day out that really does have something for everyone! From laying out on the top deck and soaking up the sunshine and sea breeze…to finding out all there is to know about the history of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle from local experts and crew.

Its known the Sea Turtles use Zante as their main nesting ground in the Mediterranean and return to the same beach where they hatched to lay their own eggs.

Keeping an eye out for the turtles is easy in the crystal clear waters especially around Laganas Bay which is a favourite spot of theirs.

Turtle Spotting
Turtle Spotting

On the Turtle Spotting Trips in you will get the chance to swim and snorkel in the most spectacular beaches around the island of Marathonisi.

Stunning caves and secluded beaches await you. This experience really is an amazing, relaxing and refreshing way to see the island.

You can even grab an ice cream or ice cold beer from the boat bars along the way as well.

Funnily enough the island of Marathonisi…also known as Turtle Island, actually looks like a turtle. Its most apparent when you are arriving or departing from the island via plane.

For more information about excursions and day trips visit the Holiday Box Office Trips & Tours Offices along the strip on your arrival.


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