The venue may have changed but we can guarantee it will be the same CherryBay as we know it…where dancing on the bar is mandatory and drinking by the gallon is compulsory.

Cherry Bay - Full Moon
CherryBay – Full Moon

It has been over two decades since Cherry became renowned for its Epic Club Nights, Unmissable Beach Raves and the Epic ‘Weekender’…

But the Bay just got BETTER! This summer CherryBay will be centre of attention…

Cherry Bay - New Venue
CherryBay – New Venue

Renovated and ready for action you’ll find the Islands Craziest Nightclub in the heart of the strip! Stumbling home from the strip just got a whole lot better.

Launching not one, but two new events this summer…

Every Friday CherryBay will be shining brighter than any other club on the strip as it transforms itself into a Festival of Glitter. Imagine explosive glitter cannons & guns filling the club from top to bottom.

Cherry Bay - Dancing on the Bar
Cherry Bay – Dancing on the Bar

At GLITTER N GOLD the staff will be glowing from head to toe and on hand to serve you 2-4-1 drinks ALL NIGHT LONG!

Keeping up its unique style Cherry will be hosting the ‘MEGA PARTY’ every Sunday this summer. Welcomed on arrival with a random inflatable from a selection of unicorns to guitars its a night of crazy antics you wont want to miss.


Drinks will be flowing faster than you can drink them at the Mega Party with a discounted bar throughout the event. Not to the mention prizes and giveaways galore throughout the evening!

You’ve got to be in it to win it…

CherryBay has teamed up with the HOTTEST VENUES on the island to be part of the Biggest Events Package Zante has ever seen.

Cherry Bay - Mega Party

Think you can handle 10 events, several hours of discounted drinking and one hell of a week? Then check out the Zante Mega Deal.


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