Sugar Lounge

Never too sweet...


Sugar Lounge is a sleek bar found on the main strip of Laganas. They have combined a sports bar with plenty of TV’s and big screens for the fellas, with trendy watering hole for the high heeled dress wearing ladies, which has resulted in lounge bar perfect for watching the footy with lads but bringing your missus and pals with you!sugar 2

When you pass by you are sure to bump into
Gary, who will charm you into the bar for one, well no one only ever has “just one”, before cracking on with your night out!

There is a wide range of cocktails, top shelf
spirits, beers and ciders on offer, as well as special one off’s inspired by the staff, but chances are, and this is highly likely, when you go in you will be taking on one or two Whisky Bombs! Enjoy!


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