St Nicholas Beach – Vassilikos


We thought we’d take 5 minutes to tell you a little bit about St Nic’s beach situated in Vassilikos. Now, there’s one main reason to head to St Nic’s and that’s it’s abundant array of water sports that will keep even the biggest adrenaline junkies happy.Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 13.12.50

Even if you’re a first timer to being pulled along on something inflatable from the back of a speedboat, it doesn’t matter. I took my 72 year old dad on the ‘Crazy Sofa’ and he took it in his stride, he’s a pretty cool dad, but still!

St Nic’s has everything, whether you just fancy relaxing on a classic pedalo or being hosted 50ft in the air from the back of their parasailing boat to see some of the best views of the island it can all be done. For this of you a little more extreme, check out the ring’s, the flyfish or their brand new

I tried the jetpack last week, it’s not easy but it’s great fun, although you’ll have the whole of the beach watching you faceplant the water at high velocity until you get the hang of it. Along the same sort of lines is the ‘Fly Board’, this is basically a jetpack for your feet, I found it a lot easier to master and you can literally pretend you’re Superman as you glide in and out of the ocean, which obviously, I did.zapata-flyboard-iron-man-jet-pack-watersport-boots-26.png

The mile stretch of golden sand is the perfect place to catch a tan, and with ample food and beverage options at their central bar, the sun will be going down before you know it.

There are also free buses daily from most resorts that will save you from renting a car or a death quad, you can find more information about St Nic’s in most of the tourist shops in your resort, but it’s well worth a visit.


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