Paint Party


The latest craze that has been sweeping through most mediterranean resorts is the ‘Paint Party’, you’ll have seen it advertised in most holiday resorts for the past few years and it seems to get bigger and more popular as the years go by.

Crowd Surfing in the Paint

The first club in these European destinations to actually host a full on paint party is one that happens to be right in the centre of the Laganas nightlife, Rescue Club. It is home of the original paint party and is wholly responsible for it’s growth in resort, and the amount of bed sheets that hotels have had to charge for.

There are even other club’s on the strip that saw the success Rescue were having with their event, and then replicated it under a different name. I’m sure both events end with you being covered in a thick paint like substance from head to toe, but if you are in the home of the original, it’s probably the one I’d choose to go to.

1000+ Every Wednesday

Traditionally every Wednesday night, the queue’s are down the street before Rescue open their doors to 1000+ party people and once everyone is inside, the show begins. With hydraulic cannons loaded on the stage and an army of staff carrying paint guns, there isn’t much escape, unless you can find your way to the inside balcony, where there is a chance you won’t be hit.

The DJ’s pump out all the biggest summer anthems and before you know it you’ll be dancing, drinking, and swimming in the stuff until the early hours of the morning. If you haven’t been to a Paint Party before, this is the one to go to.

Our tip: Jump into your shower before you get into bed to avoid any hotel damage charges, you may be in there a while.


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