Batman’s Bites


Zante is home to some fantastic restaurants, and this year we are lucky enough to be given a real insight into what’s on offer across the island.

Everybody can sit and check out Trip Advisor, but how accurate is it? Does a place that tops the charts with only 5 reviews really count as the best restaurant on the island… We don’t think so. For this reason we’re sending out our own independent foodie to review those restaurants with complete honesty, an unbiased opinion that will give complete transparency to dining across the island.

Batman’s Bites will upload a minimum of 1 review a week including everything from fast food joints to fine dining, from Kalamaki to Keri and from sandwiches to sushi. You’ll receive information on location/atmosphere/service/food/drinks and the restaurant overall, he’s also promised us it won’t be a long and boring read, it will be simple, effective and accurate.

It will also include information regarding vegetarian, vegan and Gluten free options for those of you that love animals, really love animals or simply can’t eat wheat!

There will be a guide price at the top of every review and each establishment will be rated in Bat Stars using the above mentioned categories, with an overall score offered at the end. And each restaurant will be rated within it’s own category, as good as a Gyros can be, it’s never going to be a fillet steak.

Batman: “I feel it’s my responsibility to the tourists, the locals and anybody else on the island that I take on this mission, It’s going to be tough eating in primarily impressive restaurants all over the island, but somebody has to do it!”


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