We are all guilty of indulging at the end of a heavy night on the Zante strip. So heres a few of the best places for a Late Night Bite …

BJ’s – Fast Food Restaurant

Bj's - Late Night Bite
Bj’s – Late Night Bite

Hands down the best place to grab yourself a Pizza Slice to soak up the alcohol! The BBQ Chicken is an absolute must and with slices starting from €1 its hard to stop yourself going up for seconds. BJ’s also do great Meal Deal offers on the usual…Burgers, Hotdogs, Chicken Wings etc. But you can order everything from Burritos to Salads! So there is something to fix any late night bite craving…

Red Castle

Renowned for their famous Chicken Bites with Garlic Mayo Red Castle is a regular stop on your way back up the strip from Cherry Bay. Serving Burgers, Pizza Slices & Gyros 24/7. But try the Halloumi Wrap…a tasty alternative to your usual Greek Gyros! 

The Sizzle Bang Grill

Sizzle Bang - Late Night Bite
Sizzle Bang – Late Night Bite

For anyone who has a slightly longer walk home from the strip then a pit stop at Sizzle Bang Grill along the way is an absolute must. The perfect spot for anyone who’s night isn’t over just yet as you can take a seat and take your time as you order off their large menu.

Offering everything from your Traditional Greek Gyros to a Full English Breakfast…hands down the best service you will receive on the island!


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