This year it was Bubbles that was one of the first nightclubs in Zante to open its doors and welcome in the pre-season partiers!

Not only is Bubbles one of the hottest venues, right in the middle of the strip with VIP Booths and Amazing Bar Staff. BUT it is also now host to one of the sickest residencies Zante has ever seen. Majestic will be flying in on a weekly basis to throw a Garage Grime and Good Vibes ONLY Night!
Bubbles Zante - Majestic
Bubbles Zante – Majestic

With 4 weeks to go until the opening party of Majestic’s Residency you may be wondering what’s keeping Bubbles so busy! Well…

Maybe it’s the sick resident DJ blaring out endless Old School Garage, Classic RnB & all things Urban until the very early hours.

Or it could be the insane drinks offers! With 2-4-1 Cocktails ALL NIGHT LONG people haven’t been able to resist.

But it’s probably the fact the club has been buzzing with hundreds of people filling it up every night from Monday – Sunday since it opened!

With the bar opening from 9pm every night it’s easy for a ‘few’ drinks to turn into a BNO (big night out). Once the club starts filling up from 11pm and the atmosphere kicks off you haven’t got any chance of calling it an early night.
Bubbles Zante - Glitter
Bubbles Zante – Glitter

Bubbles has been the go to place since the Workers arrived at the end of April. With the Launch of Majestic’s Residency round the corner and the Opening Party of Glitter still to come it’s going to be one hell of a month.

For those of you wondering you can book VIP booths through the Bubbles Zante Facebook Page and you can pre-book all your tickets for the Opening Parties and the events over the Summer from Holiday Box Office.

Shout out to all the Workers, Bar Owners, Tourists and Hoteliers that have made Bubbles what it is so far! Here’s too many more messy nights this Summer.


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