Pure Club Rooms Launches for Summer 17


Pure Club Rooms have already launched for Summer 17, offering you not only

Gone are the days of dragging your mates to all the travel agents in town looking for the best deal that you can all agree on. Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about the hottest new accommodation to hit Zante this Summer.

So to answer the few obvious questions…

Are Pure Club Rooms close to the strip?

Well, the answer is YES. Pure Club Rooms are situated a 2 minute walk from the strip! This is a blessing for many reasons, firstly you are also 100m away from the beach but most importantly you are close enough to the strip to stumble home…but far away enough to actually get a few hours kip if you have called it a night early so that you are pumped and ready for the next day of your holiday!

What do the Pure Club Rooms have to do with Pure Beach Club?

Pure Club Rooms is the official accommodation associated by Pure Beach Club. So if you are looking for the A list holiday experience for Z list prices then look no further. Your ‘hotel pool’ will be non other than the Pure Beach Club Venue! You have a private entrance to the venue from your accommodation. And to top it off, as a Pure Club Room Guest you are also entitled to 25% of food and drink all day long* at Pure Beach Club! Trust us, you wont be getting that kind of offer anywhere else!

Why choose Pure Club Rooms over other hotels and holiday packages?

Whether this is your first time abroad with your mates or you’ve been doing this for years makes no odds! Pure Club Rooms offer a package of accommodation, the most popular events in Zante, discounts and exclusive offers! Whilst saving you great value for money along the way so you can make the most of your holiday whilst staying at the most popular venue in Zante!

Whats Included?

For ONLY €245 per person!!

I’m sure you will agree this is great value for money compared to other packages.

So what do I need to do?

All you need to do is get yourself here and the rest will be taken care of for you! Its simple, easy and cheap to book flights online to Zakinthos Airport.

TOP TIP when booking flights, make sure you aren’t departing or arriving on a Tuesday. This is mainly due to Pure Beach Club’s biggest event Addicted being hosted every Tuesday and trust me you wouldn’t want to miss that!

Best hurry up Summer is coming!

*excludes event days



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