5 TIPS for your Holiday Spending Money!

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So you may have been on holiday with your mates a load of times before or this may be your first ‘vacay’ without the ‘Bank of Dad’ but either way there is one thing that is always the same…You want to have an absolutely epic holiday whatever your budget! So here are a few tips to make your Holiday Spending Money go a little further:

TOP TIP: Pre book tickets for the events!

This seems obvious really, but if you KNOW you are going to be attending the biggest events whilst you are there then why not be prepared and have it all sorted before you go?

There is a few reasons why this is a good trick:

Firstly, it means you don’t spend day one walking up and down the strip, in the baking heat trying to find out where you can buy tickets for the events! When instead you could be chilling round the pool with a cocktail or beer already in your hand.

Secondly, deciding between you before you go on holiday means you all have the same expectations of what you will be getting out of the experience! Also it saves any squabbles during the holiday over what to do everyday. Because nobody’s got time for that!

Thirdly, the majority of the time you will get a better discount by booking tickets online and having it all sorted before you even step foot on the plane!
Head over to Holiday Box Office and check out the Zante Bucket List if you want great value for money and Zante’s MOST POPULAR events.

TOP TIP: Aim to take a similar amount of money as your friends

This one may not seem so obvious but it definitely has an impact on the holiday if you are going with a few friends. When you are booking your holiday have a rough idea of how much you think you will all need to save for your spending money.

Because if you all go out with the same kind of budget then:
a) Splitting food bills becomes so much easier
b) Buying rounds becomes so much easier
c) No one is left out because they don’t have as much money to put towards the fun stuff!

By all means if you earn a little more money, take more money and spoil yourself! You deserve it. But set a minimum amount that is realistic for everyone in the group to make the most of your holiday.beach 2017 shutterstock

TOP TIP: Take advantage of the discounted bars!

Now I know you might be thinking nothing in life comes for free! Which technically is correct, BUT what you can get instead is amazing discounts and offers when you book in the right place!

Discounted bars are there to make your spending money go further! Because as much as everyone likes a few pre drinks on the balcony, you didn’t go abroad to sit on your balcony listening to a playlist your friend made. So take advantage of the cheaper drinks and happy hours. Cherry Bay is known for its great value for money and atmosphere!

TOP TIP: Do your research!

You don’t want to end up in a hotel thats so far from the strip that you all end up unexpectedly spending money on taxis all week!

So if you are looking for a top location which is affordable then check out Pure Club Rooms. Not only are you then a stones throw away from the beach AND the strip, but you are also entitled to 25% off all food and drink all day every day* when you are poolside at Pure Beach Club! You would also be saving a huge amount on events with the Zante Bucket List package. What more could you ask for?

TOP TIP: Pack pot noodles

There are so many great and affordable places to eat in Zante and to line your stomach for the big nights out!

Summer Time
Summer Time

But for those times that you are to hungover to leave your hotel room and need to refuel…or if you are wanting to spend your money on going out rather than food then having a few pot noodles stashed in your suitcase is a winner.

*excludes event days at the venue


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